Gray Wool Needled Felt F15 1/2″ x 72″



Needled wool felt, gray, 72 x 36 inches (1 yard), 1/2-inch thickness, non-adhesive, grade F15N. Features low static/low dynamic vibration absorption, fair abrasion resistance, density of 8.48 lb./sq. yd., minimum/maximum temp rating: -80˚F/200 ˚F, no effect of sunlight and oxidation, excellent solvent resistance and stability in oil, fair acid resistance in dilute and concentrated environments, fair alkalai resistance in dilute environments, poor alkali resistance in concentrated environment. Other specifications: specific gravity 18%, 0 thermal expansion, air permeability (1/16″) 75-150 cfm/sq., noise reduction Coef (1″) 0.64, tensile strength (min) 75 psi, elongation 39%, hardness Shore A 15-25, compressability (10% def) 3PSI with recovery 99% after 10% defl. Typical uses include: grease and oil retention, protective lining and insulation for freight cars, trucks, dunnage, uses similar to 9R2 and 9R3 where less durability and lower grade felt is acceptable.

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Weight 144 oz
Dimensions 72 × 8 × 8 in






Felt Grade


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